Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chloe Update

Well, she had another great night, but this morning's been a little bit tougher. I was already planning on taking Xander in because I think he has strep throat, so while I'm there I'm going to have them take a listen to Chloe. She sounds a little wheezy this morning and has lots of mucus. I'm hoping it's still just upper respiratory, but I want to make sure. I hear a little wheeze when I listen when the stethoscope too, but obviously I don't REALLY know what I'm listening for (or do I??? hee hee). Anyway, I'd rather be safe then sorry. She coughed up some narly looking mucus this morning and I just want to make sure it's coming from her head not her chest.

She's been doing pretty well with oral feeds since we went to the feeding specialist, Lori Overland. her OT even noticed that she isn't doing as much tongue protrusion, more just normal infant tongue exploration. She definitely eats more now (at least when she's feeling well) and drinks thickened liquids from a cup. She LOVES her cup! She grabs it with both hands and pulls it to her mouth, head shaking as she eagerly anticipates the baby smoothy reaching her lips. It's adorable!

She had a hard time with OT yesterday because of her cold. I'm always impressed with how hard things that we take for granted can be for her. Simple tasks like reaching up when she's lying on her back. The simple work against gravity is more of a fight for her. But I don't feel sorry for her, because I know she is tough and most importantly HAPPY!!!! But the mom in me just wants it to be easier for her. She's still fighting to sit and working hard to use her arms and legs against gravity. But she makes progress every week and that's all we can ask.

Well, time to eat and get ready to take care of my sickies. oh one more thing. We're watching Chloe's neck because she holds her head to the right side. The general consensus is that it is a week muscle on the left side, but I think neurological causes haven't been totally ruled out yet either.

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