Monday, May 23, 2011

Confessions of a Playdate Host and A Big Thump and a Cry!

First we'll start with the playdate. I scheduled to have a playdate here at my house today. I was expecting 7 moms and their kids ranging in age from 4 months - 4 years (not counting the -0 -baby-in-belly). Leading up to the big day, all looked good. A forecast of beautiful weather meant we'd be able to play outside and have a picture perfect picnic. But then, days before the "big day" the forecast changed and each hour it seemed, got gloomier and gloomier. Now I tried not to panic, but I have to admit, I was actually a little stressed out about having everyone in the house! Well wouldn't you know it, it turned out to be one of the most wonderful playgroups. I have to say, I know some of the neatest women out there! I feel so lucky to have had such a great group here to play. It's days like this when I truly feel lucky. Granted, I DID have to stay on top of Chloe to keep her from "ROUGH LOVING" all the other little ones, but for the most part, even she did pretty well. And sorry I don't have pictures to share. I didn't even have time to get out my camera because I was on top of Chloe, but you can use your imagination for all the cuteness (Hess truck playing, baby caring, lunchtime together, piano playing and ABC sing-a-longs. . . you get the picture!) These gals even helped clean up. LOVE IT! Now one of these times I'll learn to be a better hostess and put out food and snacks, but I figured for my first one just having my house in order would have to be enough LOL.

Now for the BIG THUMP! After everyone left I put Chloe up in her crib for her nap - after some books, of course ;) I came back downstairs to clean and after a little while I heard a loud THUMP on the ceiling above me. I paused for a moment, as she will often bang the side of her crib quite loudly, then sprang to my feet as she let out one of those "I'm hurt" cries! I ran up the stairs, taking several steps at a time and bound into her room to find her standing there, OUTSIDE of her crib. She had put the pillow in the corner and either flipped or crawled out. She cried for a few minutes, but I didn't see any noticeable boo-boos and she honestly calmed down fairly quickly. I tried rocking her to sleep, but after no success, I simply removed the pillow and lay her back down. She is now resting peacefully. Phew. I tihnk it's time for ME to take a nap.


  1. Oh no! I hope she is okay! I guess it's time for one of those nets or something! Good luck! I'm so glad we put Sweet Pea on a mattress on the floor before she was able to do that. She has fallen off of enough stuff without that added to the list!

  2. Wow, I think its time for someone to have a big girl bed! Are you ready for that mom?!!