Friday, May 13, 2011


Today was Chloe's BIG DAY! She went to her new preschool for a visit this morning! She did great. The teachers and staff all seemed to LOVE her and told me how impressed they were with her. She greeted everyone with hellos, sat (well sort of sat) for circle time, danced during movement time and participated in centers (rice table, playdough and table toys). She was a busy little beaver. Unfortunately our time was cut short by a fire drill, but she seemed to do really well with that - she just went with the flow. Although it was hard to see my little baby surrounded by all those big kids, in the fall, she'll be quite a bit older and she won't be so much "the baby". And she may be small, but her personality is BIG so I'm not too worried about her. And most importantly, the program seemed good and a place I will be comfortable sending her.

Here are some pics from the last few days including one of her just after she got back from "school".


  1. Get out of here! Chloe's going to school already! No more baby...*sad face*

  2. She is going to LOVE pre-school! Can't wait to hear about her first day =)
    BTW - Anna has that same shirt w/ the roses and pink tutu skirt - she wore them on her birthday =)

  3. Glad she enjoyed her visiting day at preschool!! She is going to love meeting all the other kids her age and playing in all the stations!