Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eye Doc and Transition Meeting

We've been busy, just like I said. Appointment after appointment this week. But so far, so good. As already reported she ROCKED her cardiology (heart) appointment. Yesterday after her morning physical therapy (in the mud outside, which she LOVED) we headed to the eye doc. I won't even get into the HOURS of waiting that we did just to be seen for MAYBE a total of 20 minutes (okay, well, I guess I DID get into it a little bit), anyway, the short of it is she continues to look pretty good ("look" haa haa, sorry, no pun intended). There doesn't appear to be any strabismis present (turning in), other than some mild turning in when she looks down. But that turn doesn't "qualify" as strabismis because it's too minor. So at this point, we'll go back in 2 months and just continue to monitor it. I do see her right eye turn in occasionally, but hopefully that's nothing. The bottom line of the appointment was that her eyes look good and we're still in a wait and watch pattern, while she continues to "heal" from surgery.

This morning was the BIG transition meeting (((drum roll)))! The one that talks about my baby not being a baby anymore. I know, that sounds dramatic, and really I'm not too wound up about it. She's my third, so the thought of her going off to preschool just seems so natural. And I'm an Early Intervention teacher so I know that the teachers and therapists will get to know her and love her and provide her with a developmentally appropriate, stimulating, safe and fun environment. And she's going to LOVE it. She LOVES playing with other kids and just playing in general, so I know she's just going to eat up the opportunity to engage with others, and soak up the beneficial aspects that a good preschool program has to offer. So I guess the biggest question for me is "is it a good preschool program"???? I've heard it's great, but I have pretty high standards, coming from being in the field, so I hope it meets my own personal and professional criteria! I think (THINK) it will. Let's hope! So anyway, I'm rambling, but the gest of the meeting was that she'll come in for a morning of observation where she'll get to play with the kids in the classroom (and I'll get to observe the classroom too) and then I'll come in alone another time and participate in the Vineland assessment interview and then we'll meet again in June to make the determination of what is to come for her programming. Today was more a planning for the meeting in June. They said she will automatically qualify for services because she has a developmental diagnosis, so now it's just a matter of figuring out what her services should specifically look like. Fun fun. But so far, so good.

Finally we're in the process of tweeking her home Birth to Three plan. It's so frustrating to me because it seems like they're always trying to cut back on services from her and she's just flourising! To ME I see her flourishing at least in part DUE TO all the services she's being offered, so cutting them seems counter-intuitive to me. And she's only got 3 months left, so I don't understand why they would want to cut them now. Her PT suggested she go down to 2/ce month from once a week, but she's NOT where other 2 1/2 year olds are! She's still a newer, somewhat unbalanced walker. She can't go up or down stairs on her feet. In fact, she can barely manage a step on her own. FORGET about running or jumping or walking down bus stairs. I mean, does this really sound like a 2 1/2 year old who should cut back on her services??? I'm stumped. So I guess as we re-write her plan I have to figure out what it is I think she really needs and fight for it. Fortunately, my mom said she'd help. I think it's time for some back-up.

Well, I think that about covers everything. PHEW! If you've read this far pat yourself on the back! ;)


  1. I can't believe they want to cut her back to 2 times a month! Wow! I would definitely fight if they tried that with Sweet Pea since it sounds like they are close in their abilities.

    Congrats on the good news at all the appointments this week!

  2. Arina's early intervention lady only comes once a month. Right now she needs speech the most, to try and help her aspirating. I can't wait for her to go to preschool, I think she will learn a lot more there!

  3. Will she start preschool right when she turns 3 or wait til Fall? I think that she has a super, loving Mama who knows a lot about how to care for her own daughter, with or without help from Birth To Three. But unfortunately, it is going to be an ongoing battle to get the services she needs and you are her best advocate. You have an advantage since you're in the know being in the field.

  4. Chloe is definitely going to love school,rule it most likely in fact and you,her strong,loving and protective mommy,will make sure she gets all she needs to flourish and grow!