Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sick Again

So Chloe's got bronchiolitis and has been sick again all week. She's been in pretty good spirits despite a temp of 101 and a nasty cough. Doc sent us for chest XRay on Thursday since he heard a crackle, but XRay was more consistent with bronchiolitis then pnuemonia, so that's good news. She's been fighting it pretty well and remained a happy camper up until the past two nights when she's been the most out of sorts we've seen her in a long time. But the good news is she woke up this morning seeming back to her old self. Hopefully we're on the upward trend now.

Here's what happens when you cough REALLY hard! Notice the red spot in her eye? It's not from her eye surgery, but is new from coughing! Poor baby!

Feeling better, but look at he right eye. :(

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  1. I'm telling ya...I can't believe all that Chloe's been through lately...girlfriend seriously needs a break! and mama!