Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feeing better, Visitors, and Prayers

Chloe's been feeling MUCH better lately. She still has her cough and now a runny nose too, but the fever is gone and she's back to her old spunky self. Her new Physical Therapist who observed her at play on Thursday was impressed with all her wonderful skills. The biggest skill we need to work on, she said, was safety awareness!!!! I said "you mean because she head dives off the couch?!?!" That's a BIG one! During her monthly team meeting it was fun for me to report all she's been doing lately - adding more signs, actually SAYING a few words (like "hi", "dada", "go", "stop", "dog" and "down"), using empathy to comfort friends, walking with more confidence, etc., etc. The list went on. This is a proud mama post. Gotta have those once in awhile.

Last weekend my cousin Peter came to visit from NYC. My kids REALLY enjoyed having him here. Chloe, Xander and Sadie all warmed right up to him! My dad also made it by for a visit. The kids call him Grampy or the G'Man. ;)

Please pray for our dear friend Dillon who underwent open heart surgery yesterday. He is doing GREAT and was extubated today, but he still needs positive thoughts, prayers and mojo until he's home and resting comfortably! His picture is on the right side of the blog. He's VERY special to us!

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  1. the gman! haha..I love it!
    and hooray for all of Chloe's achievements..what a proud mama you must be!