Thursday, July 22, 2010

She Stood Up!!!!

Wish I had a photo or video, but words will have to do. We were at my mom's waiting out a storm when Chloe got up in her bear crawl position and then pushed up to stand!!!!! I screamed with excitement, at which point she plopped down on her bottom and crawled away! LOL She spent the rest of the night practicing pulling up to stand on furniture and letting go for brief moments. It was so very exciting!!! I think she really wants to stand. She's also started walking while we hold her 2 hands. This is another HUGE accomplishment. It just amazes me how much progress she has continued to make lately. Go Chloe. Our little kiddos with Ds just work so hard that when they reach their (OUR) goals it is so very exciting. (As I sit here typing I can hear 9-year-old big brother Xander "working" with her to stand. So cute. Ut oh, now he's doing the wheel barrow with her. Maybe it's time I intervene!)


  1. Oh boys!! How fantastic, I love to watch our kids determination to do things. It makes it much more fun when they accomplish it!

  2. how exciting! can't wait to see a pic of her great accomplishment!

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