Thursday, July 8, 2010

Follow-up Endocrine Appointment

"Hi Chloe". This is one of Chloe's favorite places to be when we're in the kitchen and she's gated OUT! She stands at the gate, talks to us and waves. What a cutie pie.
Chloe had her endocrine appointment today and a fairly harmless blood draw (she didn't like it, but it was quick and she only cried for a couple of seconds! Go Chloe!). She looks great so now we just wait for her bloodwork to determine if we keep her synthroid dose the same or change it. Pretty boring stuff. We'll take boring.
Time to wake the princess.


  1. Hi are so cute!!! So glad to hear that things are just cruising along with her now. It is your turn for the medical issues to just "be gone"!!!! Hope you all are doing well.

  2. yeah for boring! Keep it up Chloe! Btw, she is looking adorable!