Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Woooo Hooooo!

I couldn't think of any words to describe yesterday's fabulous news! Our pediatrician has given us the okay to stop using the g-tube and allow Chloe to eat and drink what she wants! We see him in a week and a half (and saw him yesterday) so we can give it a shot for that amount of time and see how it goes. Of course if she's really not eating (doubt that'll happen, but it could) I can just supplement her with toddler formula through her tube at night. But I think she's ready and I KNOW I'm ready, so we're going to GO FOR IT! Like I said, woooooo hooooooo!

In addition to trying to get off the tube, I packed away her suction and CPAP machines because she doesn't need them anymore. That was also a momentous occasion. I'm just amazed by how far she's come. Some prayers were definitely answered!

And finally, today was my last day working for awhile. I was running a toddler program in my lower level, but found it to be too much with all of Chloe's care. With my middle one starting 1/2 day kindergarten in the fall, Chloe's therapies and appointments and our move it just made sense for me to take a break. I'm HOPING to be off until next fall, but we'll see. I'll do what I can. Seems like things are falling into place. It's been a LONG time coming. . .


  1. Getting rid of equipment is so nice. I wish we would do that instead of gaining more!

  2. That is so exciting!!!! Congratulations on all fronts and I hope that this next week and a half go great so you can stay off the tube!