Friday, October 23, 2009

Enough Going On to Keep Us On Our Toes

Well, nothing drastic going on, but enough to keep us on our toes. I took Chloe in for a weight check and my instincts were right - she's lost weight. The doc didn't have her chart so we couldn't look at her on her growth curve, etc., but from memory I believe she was 16lbs 7oz at her last appt, which was 8/24, and she was 15lbs 12oz today. So for now, the plan is to switch her off the soy milk and onto a soy-based toddler formula with 20% more powder then it calls for and olive oil mixed in any pureed food we feed her. She sees her heart doc and her thyroid doc this week so we'll get those bases covered. And in the meantime this week I'm going to try to find a good nutritionist to help us have a plan for the transition off the g-tube - even if it's long term, I'm just ready to have a plan now.

Chloe got the flu shot today, Sadie got the H1N1 nasal spray and flu shot and Xander couldn't get anything because he's sick with "flu-like symptoms". Xander got a nasal swab so that we could rule out H1N1 for him (he came home sick from school on Thursday. No fever at the nurses office, but had one by the time he got home). Doc started him on Tamaflu until we have results tomorrow. If he does have it then he'll put Chloe on it prophylactically. We're not too concerned at this point.

As for me, I'm starting up with my round of doctors again. Chronic fatigue syndrome is being talked about now. I have fibromyalgia which is more pain then fatigue, but I haven't had symptoms for quite some time (it comes in "flare ups"). I had some sort of nasty virus in April and then never really recovered. I had some EXTREME fatigue in April and May and it has gotten somewhat better, but I still can't manage the house. Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of my illnesses soon so that I can take care of my children and family!!!!

As always, thoughts and lots of positive mojo are heading out to Jaxson tonight. Hang in there little buddy and your mom too! I love you guys out here in virtual world.

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