Saturday, October 3, 2009

25 Things

25 Things About Chloe - in no particular order!

1. Chloe was born unexpectedly in Maine while we were on vacation. She was 3 weeks early. She will forever be considered a "Mainer" because she was born there!

2. Chloe's name came to me when we were driving to her prenatal echo to find out how bad her heart condition was. Turns out it was the perfect name for her meaning the bloom or shoot of an early spring branch.

3. Chloe has an extra 21st chromosome which means she has Down syndrome.

4. People tell me Chloe has 3 phases of her smile. When you get to the third phase it's hard to resist!

5. Sierra, Chloe's middle name came from Stacey's truck, but is very fitting because it means mountainous terrain, which represents the "mountains" she has to climb to overcome her health issues.

6. Chloe had 7 hopsitalizations and 2 surgeries in the first 6 months of her life.

7. Chloe is absolutely in-love with her older brother Xander and older sister Sadie!

8. Chloe attends a toddler program that her mommy and friend run 5 mornings a week.

9. Chloe LOVES music.

10. Chloe is the 6th grandchild to my mother, 5th grandchild to my father and 8th grandchild to Stacey's mother. She is the 6th great grandchild to my Nana.

11. Chloe has a small opening to her airway which can make crying, eating and breathing difficult. But as she gets better it seems to get better.

12. Chloe likes to crawl on her belly to get things.

13. Our dog Miles likes to likes to lick Chloe.

14. Chloe is 13 months old.

15. Chloe takes almost all her liquid feeds through her g-tube because she has a lot of trouble drinking without choking.

16. Chloe LOVES her daddy.

17. When we read her books, Chloe smiles and laughs!

18. Sadie's favorite thing about Chloe is playing with her.

19. Xander says Chloe is adorable and chubby.

20. Chloe looks cute in pink.

21. We found out that Chloe had a heart defect and Down syndrome when we went for our 20 week prenatal ultrasound. There was no question in our minds whether or not to "keep" her.

22. Chloe has been involved in changing protocol at Yale New-Haven Hospital!

23. Chloe participated in several videos for Ds advocacy for the CDSC.

24. Chloe's first 2 teeth to come in are eye teeth and they're adorable (and sharp)!

25. Chloe is the love of our lives!


  1. How could you just pick 25!!Must have been hard to choose.She is so very darling and it is so very obvious that Chloe is the love of your lives!

  2. All very Chloe. Such a sweety pie!

  3. I love reading these lists about people. Its the little tidbits that teach us about each person.