Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Hearts

Chloe had her annual heart evaluation appointment on Monday and after 2 hours we got the good news that she is doing GREAT! Her heart looks fabulous.  She still has a narrowing of her aortic arch, but that doesn’t seem to be causing any problems and she also still has a “leaky valve” and will continue to take medication for that. But other than that her ticker is working just fine and we’ve got some happy hearts in this household!!! She’s reached 25lbs finally. Our little peanut is growing! At 3 ½ years old she’s fitting into 2T clothes. Not too bad. So the mystery of her cold foot / warm foot remains unanswered and probably will go unanswered (Chloe being Chloe), but the heart doc recommended a visit to a rheumatologist at Yale. Not sure what our pedi will say about that, so we’ll see. Maybe we’ll give it more time to see if it happens more. Heart is working fine so I’m feeling much more relaxed. Glad to get that appointment out of the way. As for the rest of the gang, we’ve slowly recovered from our various illnesses and seem to be back to “normal” – whatever that is (although since writing this first draft, I’ve developed yet another cold). We are ready for spring. . . bring it!

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