Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh My Aching Heart

I just heard the news about sweet Carly. A special life taken far too early. My heart just aches for her family. I can't even begin to imagine their pain. I have been reading the various blogs, tears streaming down my face, trying to find an answer. Earlier this week my cousin lost his first child, a beautiful son, born at 28- weeks. It's so hard to understand sometimes why these things happen. My heart aches for them too.

As I have been reading tonight the common theme I hear is the fragility of our special babes with Ds. I cried as I read about and thought about how fragile their little lives can be. But then my chest grows tight, my eyes dry up, the hair raises on the back of my neck and I think to myself, NO! Chloe is NOT fragile. I cannot think of HER as fragile. Maybe she is, in the scheme of things, but I can't think of her that way. She is my fighter. She is my strength. If SHE's fragile, what does that make me? I have already crept in her room tonight and whispered a special good night. I will worry about every cough, every sniffle, every little thing that doesn't look right, just like I always do. But I refuse to look at her and see her as fragile. I just can't.

HUGS to all my blog friends out there who are reeling in pain and their own fears with the loss of one of our own. LOVE and thoughts and prayers to Carly's family and friends. And special thanks to all of you out there who provide me and Chloe with the strength we need each and every day.


  1. I know... I've questioned those very same things in the last 24 hours. *sigh* It just doesn't make sense. (((hugs)))

  2. Love to you and your beautiful Chloe and peace to your sad heart as we all try and make sense of the senseless.

  3. Carly's death has hit me extremely hard, like it has everyone else. I'm dying to know what it was that took her because she was so healthy. I know that Jax is incredibly strong, I guess when its your time, theres nothing we can do about it.