Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Steps

Yup, that's what Chloe took today. Literally. She took baby steps. You know those ones that babies take when you hold them up and they "stand" and take those sort-of "fake steps"? The ones where they don't really support their weight, but they bear SOME weight and those little legs move in a walking pattern. That's what she did. She had her leg braces or AFO's on and her big clunky sneakers and I held her up as she "walked" across the room. Now you have to understand, usually when I hold Chloe up she holds her legs up. In fact she does whatever she can NOT to put them down. She usually holds them up at a nice 90 degree angle. But today, after working with her new OT Tammy yesterday on some new weight-bearing exercises, her legs seemed to be "woken up" to this new skill. "NOW we know what to do", they seem to say. I'm excited. You can probably tell. They were the most beautiful baby steps I've ever seen.


  1. Yay Chloe!!! I know exactly what little baby steps you are talking about. And I also remember the days where Ella would hold her legs up everytime I tried to get her to walk with me. (she sometimes still does). Keep up the great work Chloe!! We will be looking forward to a video of you cruising along furniture before too long.