Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Pictures - Better Late Then Never

Xander and his snowman.

Decorating the tree.


Decorating the outside of the house.

Chloe and Xander.

Chloe in a Christmas outfit in front of the tree crawling away!

Beautiful Sadie in her new princess dress.

The family (minus Xander) at dad's Christmas Eve party.

Chloe with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dante.


Beautiful girl.

Chloe loves her uncle!

Daddy and his girl.

Mommy and her big girl.

Nana and Sarah at dad's Christmas Eve party.

Macy and Sarah.

Cute Chloe opens her presents.

Chloe and Uncle Mont. Time for snuggles.

Macy and Sadie at Xander's Christmas hockey tournament.

Stacey and Chloe at Xander's game.

Xander and his love.

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