Saturday, September 12, 2009

Number 2, Comin' In

Well, Chloe's 2nd tooth is starting to poke it's way through. It is in the same place as the other one, just other side. I'm actually starting to think they're eye-teeth and not molars. Those are supposed to be pointy and the one that's sticking out is REALLY pointy.

She did GREAT standing today. Really enjoyed it. Puts a big smile on her face. And therefore our faces as well! She sat on a stool for a long time too. I'm just so proud of her. I'll post pictures of her hard work soon.

Chloe started in my program on Tuesday. It's been a little bit of a weird transition for me. The other kids are so much bigger and "better-abled" and so now she's suddenly seeming very small to me. She just looks like such a baby. But the program (which is a toddler transition and preschool prep program) is so good for her. It is so great for her to be around other kids. And it's great for me to be working again! :)

As for 9-11 and all the posts, I too will NEVER EVER EVER forget. I chose not to post about it because I find thinking about it is one thing, but reliving it enough to put my thoughts down in words was not some place I wanted to go. Maybe next year. But for this year I chose to remember privately. I thoughts and prayers are for everyone who was affected.


  1. Good job on the standing Chloe!! Now can you teach Ella to do it...she just doesn't want to. Hope you guys are doing well.

  2. They do seem so little in those programs. But I know they love to be around other kids and its great socially for them. Us moms don't like to send them, they grow up to fast.