Sunday, September 27, 2009

Buddy Walk Pictures 09

Having a little fun getting ready for the walk!

Beautiful blue eyes against the beautiful blue sky. It was a PERFECT day.

Chloe's friend Teighan. Teighan is also the proud owner of an extra chromosome! :)

Our good friends the Letterios.

Teighan and Sandi.

Lou and Sonia Baghdady, News Channel 8.

Tori, Sadie and Lou.

Terry and Timmy.

The Mini's

Vvvvrrrrmmmm. Babies, start your engines.
Ready to walk!


The kids take a beach detour.

Chloe's Crew

Casey, Van and Finn

The walk was AMAZING! Chloe's Crew has raised $770 so far. Donations are still trickling in as they are welcome up through the end of the year. There were over $13000 people and over $88,000 raised by the start of the walk. More donations were expected. It was such a glorious day with absolute perfect weather. A special thanks to ALL our supportors! Donators and walkers. Dillon's mommy Melissa and Jax were never far from our thoughts as they're both needing prayers right now. Hope you'll send some their way too (you can read about them by clicking on their names above.)


  1. How wonderful!! Looks like you had a picture perfect day!! We have a couple Buddy Walks within an hours drive that we can join in but I haven't gotten off my butt to make the decision to do it. But after seeing everyone's pictures, I definitely want to. Glad you had such a wonderful time!!

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