Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today we will go view my step-father's body. My own body feels like an empty shell today. All except for my aching heart. We will take our kids, who have requested to see him. We want to give them that right. This will be a very difficult day. A day we must say good-bye to a VERY special warm compassionate funny man. A piece of each of us will leave with him. That is not an easy thing to bare. So say a prayer for my sweet step-father Sam, so that his journey may be a peaceful one, and say a prayer for us so that we may find strength in the character of a man who will forever live on in our hearts.


  1. Praying for your family that they may find peace. He's in a great place and looking down proudly.

  2. I know its late in the day and you have already had to endure this very difficult day but I want you to know that I just said a prayer for your family to find strength and peace. You have been on my mind all day today.

  3. Oh Amy, I hope you can find peace in the many wonderful things that Sam did during his life. My thoughts and prayers are will all you guys!! If you feel up to it, I did tag you on my blog.