Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Day

Well, it's another day. . . another day since my step-father passed. Almost as if a new life has started since that day. It's one day at a time. . . one moment at a time. I missed posting yesterday as it was a busy day. My son Xander had a hockey game - their first WIN of the season - wooooo whoooo! I know Bah-Pah was looking down on him beaming with pride. He was a big hockey fan and an even bigger Xander fan. Then from the game it was a mad rush to the funeral home to stand in line for 3 1/2 hours as people came and paid their respects. WOW. All those people sharing stories of a wonderful, funny, caring man. It was amazing. And my mom held up like a rock. No surprise there. She is, always has been, and will forever be my hero.

As for today, we will say our "final" good-byes (as if we will ever be done saying good-bye) at the memorial service. It is planned at his favorite county club, with some of his children and grandchildren speaking, in a room with many windows to let in the light of a day designed not for saddness, but for celebration. A celebration of a life that although was cut too short, was one to be remembered with joy and laughter, as Sam (aka Bah-Pah) would have wanted it that way.

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