Monday, April 27, 2009

Tag Sale - Mission Complete

The tag sale went fine. We raised $15 in donations from our donation jar (thanks to Xander!) and $156 for sale of items for a grand total of $171. I was amazed by the world of tag-sale-ing. People come flying up, park in middle of the street and rush through. Some come in "teams". Some know exactly what they're looking for. Others take more of a "shopping" approach. Some barter, so don't. Some drive around in vans looking for treasures. Others are just curious. It was fun to learn about this new world. And a joy to watch my kids "participating" in the "sales". LOL Xander was really good at telling everyone what the tag sale was for and getting people to donate to Chloe's medical care. Sadie loved to greet people. "Hi! It's a beautiful day" she'd say. Then I'd have to rein them in because they'd be all up in people's faces!!!

The one drawback to the tag sale for me was facing the gravity of our current financial situation. I'm so thankful for every penny that we raised yesterday. EVERY penny counts. But having just figured out our monthly medical expenses the other day I realized just how serious our situation is. With expenses from $700-$1400/month (depending on whether or not we win the nursing care appeal), how do we manage that? I'm trying to figure out what to do without having to sell our house. Do we drop our kids from our insurance and pick up the state insurance? Do we try to get a secondary insurance? I'm not even sure what our options are or who to ask. . . I mean, it was silly for me to think a tag sale would be the answer to our finanical problems! LOL I'm so overwhelmed with trying to navigate the state systems. people tell me we should qualify for something and I look into it and find we don't, but am I missing something??? It's so confusing. I need a case coordinator. Someone who can navigate all this for me. And I sort of have one, but I'm not sure she's clear about all the systems out there either. Or we just truly don't qualify. It's just all so darn confusing!


  1. Oh I just hate financial stuff. I just found out that two of Jax meds now have a generic, so instead of 25$ copay, its 10$ You would think I just won the lottery, but with 11 meds at 25 dollars a piece, that adds up fast. I'll take 10 dollars any day.

  2. wow, 11 meds??? That's crazy!!!!! Chloe only has 4, with a $40 copay. But wow, 11 meds??? How do you even give all those???