Friday, April 24, 2009

Hanging in There

Well, Chloe's morning was another tough one. She had spit-ups from about 10am when she woke up for about an hour and 15 minutes with lots of mucus coming out and definite struggles to get it to move out of her airway. She seemed tired out when all was said and done and although her spirits are high, as always, her energy was a little lower then usual. And so is her appetite. She's not eating so much lately, but one could understand that! Overall, once we got past the morning her day was pretty good. Definite coughing throughout the day but she managed it pretty well once she got the big mucusy stuff moved.

I called our local firehouse today to introduce myself and tell them about Chloe's condition. He took our information for the house, but also called dispatch (and had me call) so that our address is now flagged. That means any medical or fire calls to 9-1-1 will get an ambulance dispatched asap with lights and sirens and fewer intake questions required before the dispatch will take place. Basically they'll send the ambulance first and ask questions later. We also reviewed their protocals and what they can and can't do so that in an emergency I can be mentally prepared as to what to expect. It was a very reassuring conversation. I was so glad I finally made the call! I highly highly recommend it for anyone who has a child with any kind of special health care needs (or adult for that matter).

The battle for nursing care continues. I'm feeling desperate for more care, particularly with our current situations (her choking on me frequently) so I think we're going to go ahead and get what we need and work really hard to win our appeal and if we don't, well then, we'll just have to figure out how the hell to pay for it. One step at a time. . .

Hoping for a better night and a peaceful, uneventful start to the day tomorrow.

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