Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And we start the day with a Tumble Down the Stairs!

Chloe got ahead of me this morning and started down the stairs backwards. She's actually quite good at it, but this morning she was wearing this (adorable) skirt and got her feet caught up in it and before you know it, she was falling, backwards, head over heals, all the way down the long staircase! She was only about 2 steps from the top so it was a long, dramatic fall to the bottom!!! But all in all, she fell pretty "well", not hurting herself, but really only scaring herself. I ran to her side and comforted both her and Sadie who had watched helplessly from the top too. "I almost cried when she cried mom!" It was scary for all of us! Thank goodness for a thick carpet padding on the stairs. I think that really saved us! And all this after taking a face plant off the couch last night! I swear, I keep a close eye on her, but she's always on the go-go. She's one tough cookie!

1 comment:

  1. oh no! don't feel bad...Brooke rolled off my bed last week...oops...
    these kids are sturdy!