Saturday, February 19, 2011

Continued Recovery and a Bug?

Chloe's eye surgery recovery seems to be progressing positively. We will go to her post-op appointment to get the official "read" on the success of the surgery on Tuesday. Her eyes look good to me! They're still pinkish-red in the corners and under the bottom lids, but they don't seem to be turning in anymore. yay! Despite how great she's doing with her recovery, she is having diarrhea again and a rash on her legs and now her arms. Some friends have suggested maybe it's Fifths Disease, but I don't want to bother the doc on the weekend, when she's generally fine. I'll call on Monday to touch base, but I'm assuming there is nothing we can do but wait this out. I'm just sick of changing complete blow-out messes (sorry for the graphic)! But she's eating and drinking and playing like everything is usual. More a nuisance than anything else.

Okay, just to prove to you how good she's feeling I've included a video below. Enjoy.


  1. she is such a cutie patootie..and I can't wait to see when her eyes are all better! How exciting...
    And not that I'm a dr or anything, but hand foot mouth went around here a bit ago and I think you'd really know if that was it...the sores are so yucky and obvious...

  2. This little girl sure keeps you on your toes!! Glad her eyes/surgery are healing and I hope the tummy bug improves (especially for your sake!)
    FYI-- i may be technically challenged but I didn't see a video link to click on.

  3. Oh Princess Chloe...Hope you feel better soon & that Mommy gets a break. So glad that you're still your happy little self though:)

    Love & Miss you guys!!
    Melissa & Master Dillon