Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eye Patch and Glasses

Chloe is doing pretty well with her eye patching. She has to wear them on alternating eyes for 1 hour each day. First day she ripped it off several times and I had to stay right on top of her. Second day I missed (oops). Third day was much better and the fourth day was great!!!! So she seems to be getting used to it. Hopefully by wearing the patches her eyes will strengthen possibly eliminating the need for surgery in January. Then there's the glasses. That's a completely different story. She will put them on, but won't leave them on. We work with her a little each day to get her to wear them. We're taking baby steps, although she only needs them for a month, so we don't have too much time to get her to wear them!!!! They have prisms on them to help her see better since her eyes don't align, but it could also potentially make her turn worse, which if she needs surgery is a GOOD thing because they want the turn to be the worst it can be so that they correct the whole thing and decrease the chance of repeat surgery.
Finally, I've put Chloe back in her leg braces. We'll wait to see if she needs new ones, but for now I'm going to continue to use the ones she has. Why not, right? Better then using nothing. She is walking ALL OVER the house now with her push toys. She uses that mode of transportation more then crawling now. Yay Chloe! Hopefully soon she'll drop the "walker" and do some independant walking.


  1. I totally would have forgotten the second day too! haha
    the glasses are super cute! I love little ones with them...very studious looking..
    and hooray for walking!!

  2. I can't even imagine Arina keeping eye patches on! I'd have to put no no's on her arms!