Saturday, April 17, 2010


So, yesterday Chloe took 26 ounces of her toddler formula by bottle!!!!! Her daily goal is 27 ounces so she was only 1 ounce short and got to skip the whole day AND NIGHT of tube feeds!!!!! This is the first time since she was only a few weeks old that she got to go a whole day without tube feeds! Today she took 19 ounces! I'm so proud of my big girl. She's also starting to cruise around furniture. You go girl! I will post pictures soon - camera is broken so I'm using my old one and the hook up is ALL THE WAY downstairs ;) I know, I should stop being so lazy. haa haa

On another note, we closed on a new house this past Thursday. It's an amazing AMAZING opportunity for me and my family. We bought this beautiful old house in this adorably quaint little New England town with my mother. It has a cute little cottage for my mom and a nice big main house that we can share space in, including a roomy guest suite for my family and friends to come and visit - that's you blog friends!!! (and a place for my brothers to "come home to" from graduate school). I feel so lucky. We need my mom and since losing her husband I think she really needs us too. We can be there for each other and that is wonderful. It's a BIG renovation project, so we won't likely be in for 3 or so months! I'll post pictures soon.

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